Disney Condo: The Perfect Choice

Condo listings and real estate agents are proven helpful in assisting people looking for a condominium unit in Bangkok. Since these people are familiar with the area, they are the best resource person that can give advices on which locations and particular building are best for you. If you are still in another country, you can check the many condominium listings online. Once you have the lists of buildings that you find appealing to you, you should contact a local real estate company and make them arrange an appointment with the building administrators once you are already in the country. By doing this, your condominium search will be accomplished a lot easier.

I have heard of 3 separate companies that offered a money back guarantee and then didn’t honor that promise when the complex was not approved. A professional approval company will not charge the complex anything until the condominium community is fully HUD/FHA approved.

Finally, the weather cooperated and waterproofing was applied to the exterior of the building. Once the condos were safe from any water intrusion it was time to focus on a complete “dry out” of the framing members. The goal is always to have a moisture reading of 17 percent or lower. I will not accept anything over this as it puts the area at risk for mold growth once it is closed up. It took two full weeks to get even the smallest areas to dry out, and then I was able to start installing installation and sheetrock. In order to help alleviate any fears about the condo being subject to any air born mold spores I wiped down all the walls with a detergent as well as painted the walls with mildew inhibiter paint. Before any furnishings were moved back into the condo I had a cleaning crew perform a full on deep “new construction” clean, where every surface is wet wiped and disinfected. To promote a positive outcome for the homeowners I had the HVAC duct system fully cleaned to remove any dust and mold spores that may have contaminated the system. Given that the homeowners were out of their condos for roughly one and a half months, and during that time they were able to see the damage that was taking place I felt it was best for the company's reputation to proceed with a mold air sample. I was confident that the results would provide relief to the owners as they would finally be able to enter into their homes and feel safe again. I subsequently followed two major rain storms with a thermal imagining scan of the condo to ensure that the walls were dry.

5. If dues are collected for a common budget, are you clear on how repairs and maintenance will be divided between the individual owners and the common budget? It may be that the common budget covers all exterior parts of the building, decks, pools, sidewalks, and driveways of both units. Or, the individual owners may be responsible for certain kinds of exterior maintenance of their units. Find out how these responsibilities are divided!