Construction Solutions for Condo Board Members

As a side note I would suggest that every HOA board steers clear of any company that requires them to pay any money in advance. They will be out the “up front” money if the complex is not approved.

Removal of sheetrock produces an immense amount of dust, all of which required the protection and shutting down of the HVAC system in each condo. To fully understand the overview, I had five condos with exposure to the summer heat, no flooring, and no sheetrock up to two feet around 80% of the condo. Typically, the repair within itself would be manageable at this point as all moisture affect material was removed and the fans and dehumidifiers are in place to dry out the wood framing members within the condo. However, the summertime beach rain showers kept coming. The endless circle continued for two weeks. Waterproofing application could not be completed on the exterior of the building due to the rain, this in turn allowed water to re-enter the condos. For two weeks I had developed a routine of entering into the condos each day to reposition fans, gather moisture readings, spraying and wiping down any new growth with Simple Green, and over all emotional containment from the affected homeowners.

7. Does the condo declaration provide for a way, such as mediation or arbitration, to resolve difficult issues that cannot be settled between the two owners?

Unlike a Manila condo, a house would call for the owner to compensate for all upkeep charges on his own. This usually means that anything that must be fixed must be paid for out of the owner's wallet. Any maintenance service staff must also be approached by the homeowner rather than be provided by building managers. The bigger the house is, the more time and cash should be put in it. On the bright side, this can raise the property's resale worth in the future if executed correctly.

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Another demographic who would suit the size and low pricing of this type of dwelling are the parents of children who have grown up and left the family home. Downsizing to a smaller residence can be a great way to free up equity and enjoy a quality of life that may have otherwise gone amiss.

5. Primax commercial project developed by Trident Realty Pte Ltd will have 88 units in total which includes a canteen area, 71 standard units and 16 sky terrace units. The project is located at the New Industrial Road of Singapore. The design of this commercial project includes all the luxury starting from swimming pools, basketball court, spa, steam room, gym, fitness corner, and open area with BBQ Pits.